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Working from home: have routers become more important?

Wi-Fi router is an important gadget that many people do not understand. As many of us have settled for working from home, and have become much more reliant on our internet connection, we need to work remotely, learn and stay in touch with the equipment and infrastructure upgrades May need to be considered. An often overlooked piece of hardware that can make a big difference is your home router – but what is the best to buy, should you buy a lattice setup, and what is the difference between n, ac, and ax in names The Routers come in various shapes and sizes, with capabilities differentiated in terms of speed and frequency band, range, number of antennas, and of course value.

Gadgets 360 spoke with Vinay Shetty, Regional Director, Components Business, India and South Asia Asus, To learn more about the market for domestic routers in the present, and what the near future looks like.

Gadgets 360: How has the market for home routers and networking products changed since the introduction of Locked? Working from home operated upgrades?

Vinay Shetty: The current “work from home” scenario has given a boost to the home router business not only globally, but also in India. Users now realize that not only is it necessary to have a strong Internet connection, but its bandwidth has to be evenly distributed among users at home. Currently, an average family of four is close to two devices per user; It already has eight connected devices. Also, if you consider a smart TV and other smart devices or devices that are connected to Wi-Fi at home, it makes the demand for connectivity very high. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good networking device. We are seeing an encouraging change in dual-band router purchases, as well as upgrading existing customers from single-band routers to dual-band routers.

Gadgets 360: How sensitive are most buyers of home routers? Which models are most popular?

Vinay Shetty: Customers are largely sensitive, but in the current scenario where a steady internet connection is required when working or studying from home, customers are opting for quality and stability, even if it means that its Pay premium for Most of our dual band range of routers in the price range of Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 5,000 has attained the required speed, along with our line of AImesh routers that offer a wide range of features, making them a logical purchase in the long run.

asus rog rapture routers asus

Top-end Asus ROG Raptor router models are designed for gamers and power users

Gadgets 360: Do buyers adequately understand the differences between standards such as Wi-Fi 802.11n, 802.11ac and 802.11ax? What really pushes buyers to look beyond basic Internet connectivity and locate expensive routers?

Vinay Shetty: Modern buyers have to understand the basic differences between Wi-Fi N and Wi-Fi AC / Axis routers. For most users, they relate to conditions that limit connectivity to their homes, and they receive this information from YouTube and other online platforms. The decisive factors that users may see before moving from their existing router to a better router may or may not be expensive, it is comprehensive coverage, stable connectivity across devices, high security and most importantly ease of installation. . For example, we have a mobile app that uses a graphical user interface that makes it easy for any user to set up and control a router and give access to a new user.

Gadgets 360: is Change in a number plan, Ie retrospective branding for Wi-Fi 6, and Wi-Fi 5/4 / etc caused any confusion?

Vinay Shetty: A very human understanding was high number, new technology for any new technology. Like any new technology, the branding collateral for this latest generation of Wi-Fi indicates a leap over existing Wi-Fi / mobile etc.

Gadgets 360: What factors motivate people to upgrade their routers? Especially for those who receive a free original from their ISP.

Vinay Shetty: The basic routers provided by all ISPs work only for the purpose of having a functional Internet connection. Over time, using these basic routers, people become aware of their limitations in terms of bandwidth distribution, coverage, and security against Internet access. Consumer routers, particularly feature-rich, are unheard heroes of the technology ecosystem. The WFH situation underscored this. Everyone wants a router Steady internet connection with constant speed And good coverage throughout their home. People have also understood the importance of internet protection and protection against malware and internet fraud.

the purpose of asus routers asus

Mesh routers can help your home expand the Wi-Fi range to cover a larger area

Gadgets 360: What is the lift of mesh router kit? Are potential buyers aware of how they work and what are the benefits and trades of this? Are cost and perceived complexity serious barriers?

Vinay Shetty: Yes, people are becoming more and more aware of the concept and functionality of web networking technology. This helps eliminate dead zones, reduce your ping, and expand your connectivity range. Our digital media and social media platforms help us reach, inform and educate our user base. As far as cost is concerned, you will get Rs. Can receive a dedicated lattice or SOHO mesh system starting from. 8,000 based on user requirement. Currently, we are the only manufacturer that offers the flexibility of using two or more ASUS AiMesh Compatible Models Does not belong to the same series to form a comprehensive mesh system.

Gadgets 360: What does the future of the market look like? What innovations or new technologies can we seek in the home networking space?

Vinay Shetty: We have already seen the integration of one Bluetooth speaker with Amazon Alexa in a router, Then RGB LED lighting in our new ROG line of routers. Our product marketing team along with our R&D team are working on some exciting projects in the consumer and home networking space that you will get to see in late 2021.

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