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Microsoft to invest in Ant Group-backed Indonesian startup Booklackpack

Microsoft said on Tuesday that it has linked up with Ant Group-backed Indonesian startup Booklackpack and will invest in the e-commerce platform.

Under the deal, Buklak will adopt Microsoft’s Cloud stage Blue Microsoft provides digital skills training for BookPalc employees and their merchants, Microsoft said blog post. This partnership will result in cloud support services for over 12 million micro, small and medium enterprises with 100 million customers.

There will be three major initiatives in the partnership. First, it will build flexible cloud infrastructure to support six million online merchants and six million offline people. Secondly, it aims to bridge the digital divide, making the digital world relevant to every person on a daily basis. Finally, as previously mentioned, it will provide digital skills training for Bukalpak employees and their merchants.

Haris Izmi, president director of Microsoft Indonesia, said, “Through this partnership, merchants and consumers will have a more efficient and reliable buying and selling experience, which, in turn, creates business flexibility and enhances the Indonesian digital economy. Helps speed up. “

A Bukalpak spokesman confirmed the investment but declined to specify the amount. Microsoft did not immediately respond to a comment.

Bookpack, valued at over $ 2.5 billion (about Rs 18,600 crore), is backed by Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC Pte Ltd and Indonesian media conglomerate MTech.

A bloomberg Report good It was previously said that the current backers of Bukalpak and Microsoft are investing at a valuation between $ 2.5 billion and $ 3 billion (about Rs 22,300 crore).

The report states that Microsoft has agreed to invest $ 100 million (about Rs 700 crore) in Booklap.

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