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MI vs RCB: Mumbai Indians bowled in the Right Areas in the last 5 overs, we were 20 runs short, Virat Kohli

Abu Dhabi: Royal Challengers Bangalore The captain Virat Kohli Praised on Wednesday Mumbai Indians said, ‘Death bowling, ensures that his team scores 20 runs less in their IPL game Mumbai Indians team 2020 players list.
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Mumbai Indians bounced back after fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah (3/14) led RCB to 164 for six. Suryakumar YadavWith five wickets, he is facing 79 balls to chase and 79 balls to inflate.
He said, “It was a strange round of batting in the final phase (in the final five overs), everything we hit went into the hands of the fielders as well as things that happened on the field.
Kohli said in the post-match presentation, “He bowled in good areas and he bowled in the right channels in the final five overs and we had scored 20 runs Mumbai Indians team 2020 players list.

According to Kohli, his team was in the game till the 17th over in Mumbai, but the opposition batted well and finished the game professionally Mumbai Indians team 2020 players list.
“Still I think we gave a good fight with the ball and were in the game till about 17th over and it was a good effort by the boys.
Kohli said, “The game was tight till around 17th, maybe we needed a few wickets there. He batted really well to play that stage and finish it professionally.”

Despite the defeat, RCB sit in the second position in the points table and Kohli felt that if the team wins the last two matches, it will make it to the top two.
“Some teams reach the summit early and some teams are out of the game at the wrong time. I think, at the bottom of the table, those teams are playing really good cricket.
“We are going to focus on what we can do, we have two more games. If we both win, we definitely get the top two,” Kohli said.
Captain Kieron Pollard praised Suryakumar for the victory, saying that he has again confirmed his class.
“Time and time again, no matter the situation, he (Surya) continues to show the class of a player who he is. He should be very disappointed, as India is yet to turn blue but I think That is very, very close.
“As an audience I’m watching from the outside, he has done some amazing things for us in this franchise and the most he can do is talk about the bat and make runs for us and, hopefully, us Take each side, ”Pollard said.


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