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IPL 2020: TOI All-Stars Battle | Cricket News – Times of India

Final fantasy match between the two best IPL teams of the season.
The league phase has ended, making it the perfect time for the TOI IPL All-Stars competition.
Let the debate rage!
All-Stars Team 1 (in terms of batting order; stats up to league stage)
Lokesh Rahul (RHB) (WK) (KXIP)
We always knew how good he was, but KL was always aware of those doubts. Not anymore, it seems. More assured, more calm and more aggressive, all at the same time. Can also keep wickets!
Runs: 670 HS: 132 * 100s: 1 50s: 5SR: 129.34 Average: 55.83 6s – 23
Devdutt Padikkal (LHB) (RCB)
There is definitely one for the future. There is skill, time and chutzpah. Designed for the big stage. Left-right combination with Rahul is perfect. He is almost impossible to leave this season.
Runs: 472 HS: 74 50s: 5 SR: 126.54Avg: 33.71 6s: 8
Virat Kohli (C) (RHB) (RCB)
Not exactly in his best form, but still the fifth-highest run-scorer this season. An aggressive leader without whom we cannot. And yes, there is still no better one for a long chase!
Runs: 460 HS: 90 * 50s: 3 SR: 122.01 Avg: 46 6s: 11
Eoin Morgan (LHB) (KKR)
We decided to focus on the England ODI captain because of his assured presence and T20 Smart. Also he continues the left-right combination and can go ballistic while captain Virat keeps the scoreboard ticking.
Runs: 418 HS: 68 * 50s: 1 SR: 138.41 Avg: 41.80 6s: 24
Hardik Pandya (RHB) (MI)
Even more firepower. Explosion of hitting sixes at just the right time in the batting order!
Runs: 241 HS: 60 * 50s: 1 SR: 174.63 Average: 34.42 6s: 20
Rahul Tewatia (leg-break, LHB) (RR)
Toast and tail start of the season. Can make the impossible possible with the bat. Trendy leg-breaks can bowl. How could we leave him?
Runs: 255 HS: 53 SR: 139.34 6s: 17 W: 10 ER: 7.08
Jofra Archer (Right-handed fast) (RR)
Fast, furious and canny. A bullet with the brain. Third highest wicket taker. Not even a mug with a bat.
W: 20 BB: 3/19 ER: 7.55 SR: 16. 3
Kagiso Rabada (right-handed fast) (DC)
Smiling killer. Bowling topped the charts and there is a lot more to come this season. Speed, defect, variation, wicket. No one can take it lightly.
W: 25 BB: 4/24 ER: 8.14 SR: 13.1
Sandeep Sharma (Right-Hand Medium) (SRH)
A revelation in Powerplay. Bag important top-order wicket. Not a tour de force of speed, but a notable IPL record similar to subtle swing and Bumrah. More penetrating is apparent at first glance.
W: 13 BB: 3/37 ER: 13.38 SR: 20.3.3
Trent Boult (left-handed fast) (MI)
Left-hand turning in pace story. Blast in impeccable control. Can move the ball both ways even in a vacuum. A captain’s delight.
W: 20 BB: 7/4 ER: 20.16 SR: 15.7
Yuzvendra Chahal (leg-break) (RCB)
This season is the only spinner on the list of top-five wicket takers. Head and shoulders above the competition with her legs broken. The smartest in the pack. A master strategist with tools and smarts to implement his plans. A team of part-time extractors would do heavy lifting.
W: 20 BB: 3/3 ER: 20.16 SR: 15.9
12th man: Varun Chakraborty (leg-break) (KKR)
Unlucky foreigner: Chris Gayle (LHB) (KXIP). Presence of talisman. Eoin can replace Morgan if necessary.
All-Stars Team 2 (in terms of batting order; stats up to league stage)
David warner (LHB) (C) (SRH)
There is not much improvement in his batting yet. A non-brainer as an opener, he is now the only batsman to score more than 500 runs in 6 seasons of the IPL. There is also a responsible, proven captain.
Run: 529 HS: 85 * 50s: 4 SR: 136.69 Average: 44.08 6s: 14
Shikhar Dhawan (LHB) (DC)
We know, we know, both openers are left-handed, flying with modern match-up logic. But isn’t it all about keeping your best players in the park? And hasn’t it been a very successful partnership in the past? Shikhar gets a hot and cold blow, but his height could be the match winner.
Runs: 525 HS: 106 * 100s: 2 50s: 3SR: 145.02 Average: 47.72 6s: 10
Suryakumar Yadav (RHB) (MI)
Accumulator. This has been his season. Already missed making cuts in India. Highly confident and extremely consistent with his abilities. There is much more to come.
Runs: 410 HS: 79 * SR: 150.18 Average: 41 6s: 8
Ishan Kishan (LHB) (WK) (MI)
Can’t keep him out this season, can we? Has matured and is taking huge steps towards fulfilling its initial promise. The wicket has not been kept this season, but we will like it.
Runs: 428 HS: 99 SR: 140.32 Average: 47.55 6s: 26
Ravindra Jadeja (LHB) (left-arm orthodox) (CSK)
The lone CSK wolf in the pack. We want him to bat higher, which he is usually allowed. A game-changer with both bat and ball when the mood strikes him. A prized asset in any team.
Runs: 232 HS: 50 SR: 171.85 6s: 11 W: 6 ER: 8.75
Kirron Pollard (RHB) (MI)
His stats are pure gold for a cricketer who bats so low. Powerhouse finisher. Sometimes it can lose its head, but it is worth the price of admission.
Runs: 259 HS: 60 * 50s: 1 SR: 193.28 Average: 86.33
Rashid Khan (leg-break) (SRH)
Perfect foil to Team 1’s Chahal. Nobody hit him out of the park. Or read it. W: 19 BB: 3 / ER ER: 5.2 SR SR: 1.3.4
Enrique Norje (right-handed fast) (DC)
The fastest in the world and the most frightening this season. Knows how to stick to your hard-length strength.
W: 19 BB: 3/33 ER: 7.96 SR: 15.8
Washington Sundar (right-handed off-break) (RCB)
His misunderstood finger spin is a big reason for RCB reaching the playoffs. Disciplined contributor. Till the last moment one sees the batsman’s feet, and then adjusts his line and length accordingly.
W: BB BB: 2/16 ER: 5. 8 36 SR: 37.
Mohammed Shami (right-handed fast) (KXIP)
Finally understood the cheat sheet of T20 and made himself invincible. Yorkers can bowl at death and in super overs. Also picked wickets at regular intervals.
W: 20 BB: 3/15 ER: 20.20 20 SR: 14.1
Jaspreet Bumrah (Right-handed fast) (MI)
Boom Boom. ‘Nuff said. The best fast bowler a captain can have. All the time, all duty, all the time. A gift that keeps on giving. Needless to say that the second highest wicket taker is also the bowler.
W: 23 BB: 4/20 ER: 6.96 SR: 13.5
12th man: T Natarajan (left-handed medium) (SRH)
Unlucky abroad: AB de Villiers (RHB) (WK). Now who can replace him?
(HS: highest score, W: wicket, BB: best bowling, ER: economy rate, SR: strike rate (average: average)
-States: Rajesh Kumar


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